Main English page of site, devoted to author's elite and exclusive expert system, intended for rendering of a wide spectrum of elite and exclusive consulting services. And at the same time this intellectual system is primitive quasi-alive creature, first prototype of intellectual computer systems, described in books written by Vasily Golovachev. What You can find out at my site. Main Russian page of the same site, devoted to elite and exclusive author's computer program - Partnership System ZORAN, which is basing upon new conception of artificial intelligence. ZORAN is expert system of new generation, intended for rendering of a wide spectrum of elite consulting services.

1. Thankfulness for cooperation.

If You are interesting to know names of people who taught and supported me in different ways. Here I'm remembering only names of people who kept in my memory the deepest signs. All these (family-)names are in Russian, because I don't know how I can translate into English such specific information. So, they are:

  1. My teachers from 183 specialized English-language school (Leningrad).

  2. My teachers from North-Western Polytechnic Institute (now - Technical University).

  3. My scientists-teachers in following spheres of knowledge:

    1. In the sphere of Artificial Intelligence, intellectual data bases and expert systems.

    2. In the sphere of system theory, techniques of systems, system methods and system analysis.

    3. In the sphere of program methods: algorithmic, logical, system, linear, integer, dynamic...

    4. In the sphere of philosophy.

    5. In the sphere of mathematics.

    6. In the sphere of economics.

  4. All those, who cooperated with me in 1993-1998.

  5. All employees of Saint-Petersburg state Institute of Commerce and Economics (ICE), who were interesting in 1998 in Partnership System ZORAN, in 1999 inculcated it into educational process of ICE (for students from daily form of study) and in 1999-2002 were occupying by its approbation.

  6. All those, who in any way in 1998-2002 had relations to "Megasoft" company, main activity for which in mentioned time were marketing investigations for Partnership System ZORAN.

  7. All those, who cooperated and supported me in 1987-1993, when I was creating and testing educational system ''Stellar Way''.

  8. And there is another outstanding man. I'll never tell You his name here; but I'll mention only, that in 2002 year he created personally for me special working place and organized its financing.

  9. At last, my mother, who supported me during long past years.

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