Dear Prime Minister ...


My name is Gennady. I'm from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. I'd like to mention in my shortest letter 3 the most important point of modernity.


1. I want to attract Your attention to technology of Artificial Intelligence which is of great importance for the whole mankind from computer industry and space exploration to intellectual battle systems, right up to greatest battle force; also Japan national computer program of 1982, for instance, can be realized successfully, as it seems to me.


2. I'm single in Russia independent scientist who created fundamental theory of artificial intelligence, artificial reason (mind), artificial personality, which are accessible from my home site (small variant in English and biggest part in Russian). But nobody from Your country visit it, while USA and many other countries are very, very active. I'm inviting … to visit it and use freely for any purposes.


3. At present time there is some probability that I'll together with interesting countries create munitions factory to produce intellectual weapon of new generation, weapon with intellect, mind and personality, or perhaps it'll be only civil industry. In this case I want to see … being partner and participator of such factory. It is very convenient to do it in Russia. If not I am, somebody else will do it; the time is coming.


I'll hope that results of my work will help our people to save peace, stability and independence. But for these purposes it is necessary to have powerful army; not for attack or aggression but for national defense.

That's really all.

Great success to You and to Your people.


Sincerely Yours,

Gennady N. Kon.

Independent scientist,

Russia, Saint-Petersburg.


my E-mail:



Home (in English): - ELEMENTS OF AI TECHNICAL TASK (in Russian)


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