Main English page of site, devoted to author's elite and exclusive expert system, intended for rendering of a wide spectrum of elite and exclusive consulting services. And at the same time this intellectual system is primitive quasi-alive creature, first prototype of intellectual computer systems, described in books written by Vasily Golovachev. What You can find out at my site. Main Russian page of the same site, devoted to elite and exclusive author's computer program - Partnership System ZORAN, which is basing upon new conception of artificial intelligence. ZORAN is expert system of new generation, intended for rendering of a wide spectrum of elite consulting services.

Information about my FIRST experience of leading and organization work in COMMERCIAL ORGANIZATION when I was occupying scientific research director post in Joint Stock ''ELANT'' (Experimental Laboratory for Approbation of New Technologies) in 1994-1997. Information of my first commercial intellectual computer systems ''Analytic'' and ''Business-Prognosis''. All documents here are in Russian.

I was forced to go into unprecedented activity - the part of my personal archives is opened for public access. Don't abuse, please, of my frankness!

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