Main English page of site, devoted to author's elite and exclusive expert system, intended for rendering of a wide spectrum of elite and exclusive consulting services. And at the same time this intellectual system is primitive quasi-alive creature, first prototype of intellectual computer systems, described in books written by Vasily Golovachev. What You can find out at my site. Main Russian page of the same site, devoted to elite and exclusive author's computer program - Partnership System ZORAN, which is basing upon new conception of artificial intelligence. ZORAN is expert system of new generation, intended for rendering of a wide spectrum of elite consulting services.

Limited version of Partnership System ZORAN

This version is represented by several dozens of archived files. Alas! It is impossible to place at ''NAROD'' server distributive of full volume. And I must mention again here, that represented version is Russian-based only (let's try to translate FREE into other language 80 Mb. of program code!). Moreover, to read the whole current document correctly You are to have on Your computer installed Russian fonts! But some educational examples from educational database and examples in HTML-format are in English already. So, first ones can be navigated by means of limited version of Partnership System ZORAN based upon Russian-based interface, while second ones can be navigated by means of any internet browser.
ATTENTION, PLEASE! Sometimes I came across to situations, when, during self-extracting multi-volume archives loading into local computer via internet, extensions in file names can be damaged (instead of ''r01'' file name extension, for example, there can turn out to be ''r01..r01''). In this case, You ought to correct file name extensions independently, otherwise such multi-volume archives can not be extracted.

I'm reminding You again, that Partnership System ZORAN is officially registered computer program. Here is copy of registration patent.

           Before the beginning of work be acquainted, please, with Russian text of license agreement, and also with basic differences (in Russian also) of Partnership System ZORAN limited version from its full version.
           Limited version of Partnership System ZORAN was in stalled in hundred computer. However, I'm single person who have possibility to work with full version of Partnership System ZORAN. Because I make money, rendering exclusive services based upon Partnership System ZORAN. Because of computer piracy also.

           How to load limited version of Partnership System ZORAN into Your computer. Firstly, create any folder in any place of Your hard disk (D:\zoran, for example), become convinced of, that there are 90-100 Мb. of free disk space for created folder. Check availability of 40-50 Мb. of free disk space for virtual memory. Then save into created folder ALL self-extracting archives from this page. Extract all archives. Then delete if You want so. Basic module is Zoran.exe. Limited version of Partnership System ZORAN processed data under control of following OS: MS Windows 95 (all possibilities were tested), MS Windows 98 (all possibilities were tested), MS Windows NT 4.0 (some possibilities were tested), MS Windows 2000 (some possibilities were tested), MS Windows XP (some possibilities were tested). In general, serious problems can arise hardly.

           How to learn to use possibilities of Partnership System ZORAN limited version to represent and calculate real problems. Firstly You ought to get acquaintance with Russian-based methodical instructions, and then realize independently all described in Your computer by means of limited version of Partnership System ZORAN. Did You process it? Excellently! You can calculate simple tasks already! Students from Institute of Commerce and Economics are learning to use limited version of Partnership System ZORAN exactly so. At last You can find out in my site examples of educational tasks processing in HTML-format in English language, and also load from my site educational database in Russian and in English languages for Partnership System ZORAN limited version. Also I recommend You navigate in English (only a limited number of documents) or in Russian (biggest part of my site): the first description of realized system of Artificial Intelligence, artificial reason (mind), artificial personality and, if possible, view presentation [Fundamental theory of artificial personality: 1, 2, 3, 4; in Russian only: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23], short description of theoretical knowledge, Artificial Intelligence conception, article of data types, Russian-based important information about calculation results.

           How to ''play'' with memory of Partnership System ZORAN (limited speech possibilities).
           All these possibilities are limited greatly. I realized these ones by means of very limited resources, only to demonstrate, that all my theoretical theses can be realized on principle. But even now, independently from its version - limited or full, Partnership System ZORAN is able to generate something about HUNDRED OF THOUSANDS SEMANTICALLY DIFFERENT RUSSIAN BASED MESSAGES!!! about its activity in real time mode!!! Refusal from centralized data processing makes it possible practically instantaneously, without any looking over, to recognize a SINGLE MESSAGE FROM MULTITUDE CONSISTING OF HUNDRED OF THOUSANDS UNIQUE MESSAGES!!!
           In the usual way, operation of memory saving is switched off (all processes are active, but messages are not saving in disk). When memory is switched on, disk is filling with information very quickly during activating of dynamic libraries (dll), which are informational generalizations of dialog panels. Therefore, DON'T FORGET TO SWITCH OFF MEMEORY!
           About style of messages. Please, don't laugh only. These ones are easy and nave in presented style. Because everything was planned 15-20 years ago, while the beginning of these plans are some more 10 years in the past additionally, when I was child only... Even name of Partnership System was taken from fantastic film about flying battle robot. There was so great style and delight!
           How to switch on/switch off memory saving possibility. Главное меню => Сервис => ''Подключить память'' or ''Отключить память''.
           How to fill memory. Activate COLOURED dialog panels. Use context menu of these ones for copying. I think, that in future nano-technology will be based upon the same principles! Well, the main useful possibility of such dialog panels is the groups of documents of SINGLE CLASS control (there are ten classes of documents in all, and there are several subclasses for class of text documents).
           How to view filled memory. Главное меню => Вид => Документы по умолчанию - in appeared toolbar click the last button with ''ЦЕНТРАЛЬНАЯ ПАМЯТЬ ПС 'ЗОРАН''' tooltip. File 'Actions.reg' will be opened, which is placed in the folder 'Actions' (when this function was creating by me, even Windows 95 was not existing yet!). I think that now You are able to see quite vividly possible ways of subsequent developing of speech possibilities!

So, just below is access to my creation!

Download archives
1. dll1.exe (107867 b.)
2. dll2.exe (110000 b.)
3. dll2.r00 (110000 b.)
4. dll2.r01 (110000 b.)
5. dll2.r02 (90326 b.)
6. dll3.exe (110000 b.)
7. dll3.r00 (110000 b.)
8. dll3.r01 (107674 b.)
9. dll4.exe (104884 b.)
10. dll5.exe (91209 b.)
11. dll6.exe (91216 b.)
12. dll7.exe (91867 b.)
13. dll8.exe (91108 b.)
14. dll9.exe (91168 b.)
15. dll10.exe (107468 b.)
16. dll11.exe (106112 b.)
17. dll12.exe (106128 b.)
18. dll13.exe (106093 b.)
19. dll14.exe (115154 b.)
20. dll15.exe (125439 b.)
21. dll16.exe (124023 b.)
22. dll17.exe (123727 b.)
23. dll18.exe (124671 b.)
24. dll19.exe (123809 b.)
25. dll20.exe (100000 b.)
26. dll20.r00 (100000 b.)
27. dll20.r01 (100000 b.)
28. dll20.r02 (100000 b.)
29. dll20.r03 (52077 b.)
30. dll21.exe (147821 b.)
31. dll22.exe (148138 b.)
32. dll23.exe (165358 b.)
33. dll24.exe (107522 b.)
34. dll25.exe (129661 b.)
35. subcat.exe (100000 b.)
36. subcat.r00 (100000 b.)
37. subcat.r01 (100000 b.)
38. subcat.r02 (100053 b.)
39. subcat.r03 (100015 b.)
40. subcat.r04 (100131 b.)
41. subcat.r05 (61637 b.)
42. z.exe (100000 b.)
43. z.r00 (100000 b.)
44. z.r01 (100000 b.)
45. z.r02 (100000 b.)
46. z.r03 (100000 b.)
47. z.r04 (100000 b.)
48. z.r05 (62613 b.)
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